Choose this option if you only want onecolor used in dyeing your head.

​$10 each if there are 5+ heads being dyed at a time


$15 each if there are 3+ heads being dyed at a time

​$20 if it is a single head being dyed

$10, $15, $20

Here are some sample templates of previous designs


We now have custom dye quotes available to all!  This includes a fully personalized preview of how your requested dye will look on a head. 

(Adjust quantity based on the amount of heads wanted)

Please fill out the form below with all of your contact information, and a description of your dye idea. (In the "Quote Details" box, please describe what the dye will look like including symbol requests, if any.  You need to mention what colors you would like how the would be arranged - ex. top half fade)